Helping People Move Beyond


Hello, I'm Adrian Hampshire

I work with amazing, motivated individuals who desire something more out of life. My clients have the ambition to live life beyond the limitations of their old self-limiting emotional barriers.

Our Work Together Will Help You:

- Identify unhelpful mental patterns

- Release and let go of fears and anxiety

- Move away from unwanted habits

- Move past self-limiting beliefs

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Ways We Will Work Together
Private Sessions

NLP Coaching sessions are available from the Calgary area in person and via video chat internationally. All sessions are with me personally. Through these sessions you will learn from and put the past to rest, discover how you can create sustainable changes to your emotional wellbeing and continue moving forward in life with a stronger sense of purpose and an unmistakable feeling of greater peace and contentment. Private coaching sessions are carefully designed with each person or small groups unique needs in mind.

Walk and Talk

Often people find it very beneficial to get outside and get their body moving in order to work out their internal conflicts. There is something about physical motion and fresh air that is very beneficial during the discovery and coaching process. There are those that love doing a Walk and Talk as a quick stroll on their lunch break and others who gravitate more towards a longer day session out in the beauty that Calgary and the surrounding area has to offer. Duration and location will be decided based on each individuals specific needs.